About the

Michigan Infinite Campus

User Group

The Michigan Infinite Campus User Group (MICUG) is dedicated to supporting Infinite Campus for all districts and users throughout the state of Michigan. The group started in the fall of 2006 when a meeting with the Michigan districts using Infinite Campus was set up to investigate and discuss how to support each other on different topics and issues concerning the Infinite Campus product. Consistent meetings began in January of 2008 and were held on a monthly basis. By Laws were developed and officers were formally put into place by the fall of 2009 and the group has continued to grow since then.

The user group has an elected board with a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and 2 members at large. Membership is based on a small annual per district fee to help support meetings and trainings throughout the year. As part of the yearly membership fee, districts have access to a mailing list and online resources where experienced Infinite Campus users are willing to help support each other. The website can be found at: www.micug.org

Meetings are currently held throughout the school year on an approximate bi-monthly basis. The meetings are offered virtually for those unable to attend in person. All Michigan member districts are welcome to attend these meetings.

In addition to the bi-monthly meetings, the MICUG user group plans one or two full day training events each year. These events offer teachers, counselors, secretaries, administrators and support staff the opportunity to come together, attend sessions on Infinite Campus modules and learn how to leverage the product to provide ever increasing levels of information, analysis and decision support tools for their districts. The training events are offered at minimal or no cost to the Michigan Infinite Campus districts and are made possible through MICUG volunteers and Infinite Campus.

One of the primary functions of MICUG is to provide Infinite Campus input and feedback on the Michigan localization of the product. MICUG has a State Reporting Committee and a Special Education Committee. These committees meet regularly throughout the year, with representatives from Infinite Campus, to provide the necessary input and documentation to keep the state reporting and special education requirements up to date as well as provide feedback for improvements.

MICUG has played a critical role in the support of the product in the state of Michigan. The continued meetings, trainings and committee work has helped to improve the product and make it run smoothly for the state localization needs in Michigan.