Michigan Data Hub Resources

The Michigan Data Hub is a collaborative, statewide effort to address challenges in managing and using school data.  The work of this initiative has centered around creating an ecosystem where information is exchanged between the large number of disconnected data systems used by schools in the state based on pre-defined standards.

This page is a compiled list of resources for Infinite Campus districts to assist in setting up and troubleshooting the Michigan Ed-Fi Data Hub connection and the various resources.

NOTE:  Some of the links and documents may require a login to the Infinite Campus Community.

Michigan Data Hub

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Michigan Data Hub Resources

MiLearn Resources and Instructions

MiLearn Resources

The Michigan Linked Educational Assessment Reporting Network (MiLearn) is a Michigan Department of Education service that delivers state assessment data electronically to student, parents, and educators directly through the district's Student Information System (SIS). MiLearn is updated daily using the Michigan Data Hub data to reflect student enrollment changes.

It is a requirement that you have at least basic data synchronized to the Data Hub in order to setup and use the MiLearn functionality.  Follow these steps to get it setup once your Infinite Campus is synchronizing with the current year.

Step 1 - Accept Sharing Agreement and Configure Data Cockpit

The first step is to connect MiLearn to your data hub instance by accepting the MiLearn Data Sharing Agreement by your superintendent or designee.  After that is signed, go into the Data Cockpit and finish configuring your connections and verifying your data.  The following document is provided by the Michigan Department of Education on how to configure the MiLearn connection in the Data Cockpit.

Step 2 - Request Campus Single Sign-On for MiLearn from Infinite Campus

This step can be done in parallel with Step 1.  Campus Single Sign-On must be turned on for your district's Infinite Campus instance.  You will need to configure the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) connection for the Single Sign-On to the Data Hub and MiLearn systems. Once enabled, this will appear under System Administration > User Security > Campus Single Sign-On > SAML Identity Provider Configuration. 

Step 3 - Configure Infinite Campus Connections and Add Custom Links and Tabs

Once Steps 1 and 2 are complete, you can proceed to configuring your MiLearn connection and add your custom links.  There will be a custom outline link for staff and one for teachers and then a custom tab published to the portal for parents and students.  The following document will walk you through the setup of Infinite Campus.

Step 4 - Set Rights for User Groups and Test Setup

Assign the outline links to any staff groups or users that will be authorized to lookup the state assessment testing results for students.

Step 5 - Rollout the MiLearn Portal to Staff, Teachers, Parents and Students

Once things are setup ,you can then rollout the information to your district users.  The following document is provided by the Michigan Department of Education as a user guide on how to use the MiLearn Functionality.  You can download and post or send this out to your district.

Step 6 - Update the Certificate for the Identity Provider (IDP) Signature on Annual Basis

The Identity Provider Signature will need to be updated on an annual basis.  See the document for instructions on how to update the certificate.

Parent and Educator Guides

These are guides that can be download and sent out to staff, parents and students in your district.